Young Adults

The 99

The young adult group of Island Alliance provides 18-35 year olds the opportunity to connect and develop deeper relationships with each other and God. The 99 are intentional about seeking genuine friendships and personal growth in the Lord while creating a fun and welcoming environment.

The 99 meets on the first and third Friday of every month at 7 pm. “Barn Night” includes a time of devotion led by Pastor Craig followed by a group activity. Recent themes of Barn Night include Minute-to-Win-it, Poker Night, Tie-Dying, and various seasonally-appropriate activities such as pool parties, Pumpkin Carving, or Friendsgiving.

The 99 name was inspired by the parable found in Matthew 18. Jesus tells his disciples of a sheep that wanders from the rest of the flock, and the shepherd that leaves the remaining 99 in pursuit of the one that went astray. When the shepherd finds and rescues the one, he is happier about it than about the 99 who remained. The same is true for God’s children. Jesus never gives up on the person who walks away from Him, no matter how many others He has by His side. He still loves, misses, and wants the lost one to return to His family. God’s desire is to bring all sinners home to Him. The hope of The 99 is that they will be a family of sheep who eagerly awaits the return of their brother or sister in Christ. To stay up to date with all The 99 activities, join their Discord here.

Young Adults Ministry
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