Message: “Watch & Pray!” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - November 3, 2019

Watch & Pray!

Watch & Pray! Luke 21:25-38 Main Point: We are called to watch, be careful and pray as Christ’s return draws nearer, closer. So many wait until it’s too late! (v.34) A snare line, a trap the enemy, Satan and his minions tries to get us to fall into this – be asleep in the light, lukewarm, apathetic… 1. - Christ’s return is imminent! Signs of the times are pointing to His soon return. (verses 29-31) ‘Kingdom of God is near’ – in its fullness, consummation. There are more signs to come, but it can happen quickly. It is certain. Heaven & earth will pass away but not Christ’s Word! 2. Be - Don’t be weighed down with carousing (pain in head = lightheaded, buzzed), drunkenness (drink), or the anxiety (cares that bring about anxiety) of life. (verse 34) Many are caught up in this. 3. Be – Watch and pray that you and others will ready for His return. We are called to warn others! (verse 36) -Escape all that is about to happen -Stand before the Son of Man

Scripture References: Luke 21:25-38, Romans 13:11, 1 Peter 4:7, 1 Peter 4:17

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