Message: “Defending Your Faith 2” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - August 11, 2019

Defending Your Faith 2

Defending Your Faith! Acts 6:8 – 7:60 Main Point: Like Stephen, we can share & defend our faith effectively by being full of and the wisdom of His Spirit! We receive God’s grace & power by receiving Christ Eph.2:8-9 1. Stephen’s – Full of God’s grace and power. v.8 -We can be full! Acts 1:8 > 2:38 They could not stand up to the wisdom the Spirit gave Him. 2. The – They do to him what they did to Jesus verses 13 & 14 *Israel – living faith was replaced by reliance on the externals of the Law, and the Temple becomes an idol. *We must not fall into this error! Galatians 3:1-6 3. The of the Gospel. verses 7:1-60 A. Jesus’ sacrifice fulfills the Law and makes the Temple obsolete. >Hebrews 8:13 4. Stephen’s of them: verses 51-53 -Don’t be stiff-necked – stubborn and not submitted to God. -Worship with a true heart – Don’t just go thru the motions. -listen to the Spirit and be surrendered – have ears to hear. *God will be with us wherever we go, the Holy Spirit will give us the words to speak. Luke 12:11-12

Scripture References: Acts 7:1-60

From Series: "Acts of the Apostles"

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