Message: “What Are We Devoted To?” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - March 11, 2018

What Are We Devoted To?

What Are We Devoted to? Acts 2:42-47 Main Point: Is our discipleship translating into commitment to Jesus Christ: His Word; His Body; Community in Christ; & the Worship of Christ? Devoted = Steadfast attention & Adherence. Committed to it! 1. We must be devoted to the Apostle's teaching - His Word. This is the teaching of God’s Word fulfilled in Jesus Christ. (especially the Gospel – the fulfillment of God’s plan & purposes). verses 29-33 *This means I am submitted to the Authority of God’s Word – the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 40:8 > I Peter 1:24-25 2. We must be devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, His Word, - and to the fellowship - His Body! verse 42b Fellowship = Participation, partnership, communion. (spiritual oneness, belonging - given by the Spirit) Ephesians 2:19-22 3. We must be devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the 'Breaking of Bread'. verses 42c & 46b = Community – sharing life together and committed to/caring for each other. (Example - verses 44-45). 4. We must be devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to 'Prayer'. verse 42d Prayer = Corporate worship and intercession. Acts 4:23-31

Scripture References: Acts 2:42-47, Jeremiah 15:16, Isaiah 40:8, 1 Peter 1:24-25, Ephesians 2:19-22, Acts 4:23-31

From Series: "Acts of the Apostles"

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