Message: “A Decision or a Desciple?” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - September 9, 2018

A Decision or a Desciple?

A Decision or a Disciple? Matthew 28:16-20 Main Point: The Risen Jesus’ last command is our commission: He commands us to be and make disciples of Him until the end of the age. ‘Make Disciples’ = to make into a disciple, a learner - a disciple was one who committed his life to a teacher to follow and learn. (not decisions!) Are you a disciple? Are you being a disciple? It begins with committing your life to Christ! But then it is a lifetime of following, learning, growing and obeying! Acts 17:24-31 God commands that we repent & put our faith in Jesus Christ! 1. We are to make disciples: in our ‘going’… verse 19a > a lifestyle of sharing the good news of Jesus! 2. By ‘Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.’ *We have to first be this! verse 20 -Be baptized v.19; Acts 2:28-39 We are having a baptism today! -Repent – from those things we know are wrong! Matt 4:17 >live a Christ-honoring life thru the power of the Spirit! -Love – Love God and love one another! Matt 22:27-40 How are you involved in making disciples? Can be simple – a phone call, word of encouragement, to meeting with someone to help them in their journey!

Scripture References: Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 17:24-31, Acts 2:28-39, Matthew 4:17, Matthew 22:27-40

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