Message: “A Recipe for Praise” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - October 29, 2017

A Recipe for Praise

A Recipe for Praise! Psalm 103 Main Point: We are called to praise God with all of our , and to not forget all of His benefits! Praise (‘Baw-rak’) = act of adoration; to bless, praise. 1. We are to praise who is Holy! verses 1-2 (YaHWeH)יהוה = ‘I AM’ - ; needs nothing nor anyone! Exodus 3:13-15 Isaiah 45:5-7 (call of Cyrus His anointed) Holy = moral & ethical perfection (Separateness, Apartness-) -Exodus 3:5 ‘do not come any closer…the place…is holy ground’ Exodus 15:11-13 (song of Moses) 2. We are ‘not to forget’ all the He gives us. vvs 3-5 Verses 8-12 His nature of love, compassion and mercy! Chesed love= covenant love vvs.17-18 for those who fear Him a. Forgives all our sins – Galatians 4:4 b. Heals all our diseases – provision for healing James 5:14 c. Redeems our life from the pit! (figuratively destruction) & crowns you with love and compassion! Psalm 40:1-2 d. Satisfies your desires with good things – Matt. 7:11 >Let us praise and exalt Yahweh, our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer; His Son Yeshua; thru the Ru’ach ho’kodesh! (H.S.)

Scripture References: James 103:1-22, Exodus 3:13-15, Isaiah 45:5-7, Exodus 3:5, Exodus 15:11-13, Galatians 4:4, James 5:14, James 40:1-2, Matthew 7:11

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