Message: “A Trustworthy Message” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - August 25, 2019

A Trustworthy Message

A Trustworthy Message II Peter 1:16-21 Main Point: The message of God is true: based on accounts of Jesus’ disciples, and prophetic fulfillment. 1. The disciples were eyewitnesses to Christ, His teachings and His transfiguration, and these were for us. verses 16-18 Acts 1:21-22 Replacing Judas as an apostle Matthew 17:1-8 2. Events prophesied beforehand by prophets who were _____ by the Holy Spirit, not by their own interpretation. verses 19-21 ‘Carried’ = to (a load or a burden) – literally and figuratively. *The Holy Spirit illuminated their minds, gave them supra-natural knowledge of divine matters, gave them foresight of future events, and moved them to what they should speak and write. >The Holy Spirit illumines our minds – leads and guides us into the truth of the Word! (John 16:13-15) Let us embrace the Word of God as true and authoritative in our lives! v.19 “…pay attention to it.”

Scripture References: 2 Peter 1:16-21

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