Message: “Are We Honoring God’s Name?” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - October 5, 2014

Are We Honoring God's Name?

Are We Honoring God’s Name? Romans 2:17-24 Main Point: We are God’s called people by faith in Jesus Christ – Are we honoring His Name in how we live, speak and act, so that His Name is not blasphemed? > 1:16-17 Exodus 19:3-6 This is what the Jews, God’s people, were called to. > Gen.12:2-3 1. We are now God’s called people by faith in Christ and out of gratitude we are to honor His Name in the way we live. (verses 17-24) I Peter 2:9-12 Romans 11:17-18 We Gentiles have been grafted into the tree! 2. The outward sign (O.C.=circumcision, N.C. Baptism) is meaningless without a corresponding surrendered heart. (verses 25-27) God is not done with the Jewish people! (Romans 11:22-25) 3. A circumcised heart is a surrendered heart which is done only by the Spirit of God! (verse 28-29)

Scripture References: Romans 2:17-24, Romans 1:16-17, Exodus 19:3-6, Genesis 12:2-3, 1 Peter 2:9-12, Romans 11:17-18, Romans 11:22-25

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