Message: “Are You a Wise Builder” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - September 5, 2010

Are You a Wise Builder

Are You a Wise Builder? Matthew 8:24-29 Main Point: If we will learn and put Jesus’ words into practice, our life will be built upon the solid rock foundation that will endure the storms of life. But if you do not put them into practice, your foundation will be sand and will not endure the storms. Psalm 18:1-3 Are you in Christ? 1. Jesus Christ is the solid rock foundation God has given us for our lives; we must learn His words and put them into practice! v24 I Peter 2:6-8 I Peter 2:2 2. Those who reject Christ, and even those who hear His words but do not put them into practice in their lives, are built on sand and will ultimately perish. Matthew 8:21-23 Only a faith that obeys is a faith that stands!

Scripture References: Matthew 7:24-28, Matthew 18:1-3, 1 Peter 2:4-8, 1 Peter 2:2, Matthew 7:21-23

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