Message: “Are You Good Dirt?” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - January 4, 2015

Are You Good Dirt?

Are You Good Dirt? Luke 8:4-15 Main Point: Jesus expects us to be good dirt! We are to persevere in applying and obeying His Word, by doing so, produce good fruit in our lives. Seed = the whole message of God 1. The Word sown in Hard, disinterested hearts is stolen away by the evil one (Satan). (verse 12) *Satan steals it away with the things of this world. 2. The Word sown in shallow, superficial hearts does not take root and when testing comes, they fall away. (verse 13) *Trials/tribulation will surely come – it is designed by God to test us! 3. The Word sown in divided hearts is choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures; they do not mature and are unfruitful. (verse 14) 4. The Word sown in good hearts produces good fruit in us - by persevering in obeying it! (verse 15) Let us persevere in life-long pursuit of Jesus and His Word!

Scripture References: Luke 8:4-15, Mark 4:18-19

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