Message: “Called to Suffer” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - January 11, 2009

Called to Suffer

Main Point: The Risen Christ calls us to be faithful in suffering for His Name even to the point of death. 1. Jesus knows our afflictions and poverty - yet says we are rich! 2. Jesus counsels us that we are not to fear the suffering by those who slander and persecute us, knowing they are servants of Satan. 3. Jesus commands us that we are to be faithful in suffering even to death because he has overcome it and so will we.

Scripture References: Revelation 2:8-, 2 Timothy 3:12-, John 15:20-, 2 Corinthians 8:9-, Matthew 10:28-, 1 Peter 3:8-, 1 Peter 5:10-

From Series: "Revelation"

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