Message: “Correcting the Sabbath View” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - June 2, 2013

Correcting the Sabbath View

Correcting the Sabbath View Luke 6:1-11 Main Point:Messiah Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath, declares it was right and lawful to do good and save life on the Sabbath, which we should do always! ‘Sabbath’ (Hebrew Shabat) = Seventh, cessation, time of rest. 1. The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. (Mark 2:27) *What they were teaching was ‘doing evil, and destroying life.’ (verse 9) 2. To cease from work, and to rest on the Sabbath did not preclude doing good and saving life! (verses 9-10) 3.Messiah Jesus, the Son of Man, is Lord of the Sabbath. (verses 3-5) His Correction is authoritative! I Timothy 6:17b ‘…God richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.’

Scripture References: Luke 6:1-11, Mark 2:27, 1 Timothy 6:17

From Series: "Luke"

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