Message: “Don’t Give False Testimony” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - September 13, 2009

Don't Give False Testimony

Main Point: As God's people we are to be truthful and not give flase testimony nor lie. I. Why do we lie? - Our deceitful heart 1. The cruel lie - resentment 2. The cowardly lie - fear 3. The conceited lie - insecurity 4. The calculated lie - selfishness 5. The convenient lie - laziness, or not wanting to offend II. How to tell the truth 1. Tell the truth completely 2. Tell the truth consistently 3. Tell the truth lovingly 4. Tell the truth gracefully

Scripture References: Deuteronomy 5:20-, Leviticus 19:11-, Leviticus 24:12-, Jeremiah 17:9-, Matthew 5:37-

From Series: "Ten Commandments"

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