Message: “Externals” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - November 15, 2015


Externals Matthew 15:3-20 Main Point: Jesus is not interested in external rituals or meaningless traditions – He wants your heart to honor Him! What rituals/traditions are you clinging to? Background – Tradition of the Elders - washing of the hands Isaiah 29:13 The Example (verses 4-6) 1. Adherence to Externals does not make us clean or unclean – but rather what comes forth in our lives from our heart! (verse 11) 2. Uncleanness comes forth from our lives out of our fallen hearts – We must deal with our hearts! James 3:9-12

Scripture References: Matthew 15:3-20, Isaiah 29:13, James 3:9-12

From Series: "Not Part of a Series"

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