Message: “Forgiveness that Brings Love” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - October 13, 2013

Forgiveness that Brings Love

Forgiveness that Brings Love Luke 7:36-50 Main Point: When we truly understand Messiah Jesus’ forgiveness for us it will cause us to love Him and other people greatly! Forgiveness = send away, release 1. What this woman knew was that her sins were forgiven,Jesus accepted her, and she loved Him for it! vvs.48,37-38 Jesus is doing what He was called to do. Luke 4:18-19 *This woman was so grateful for Jesus’ forgiveness that she poured herself out in the role of a servant. verses 44-46 Verses 47-48 Jesus declares her sins are forgiven - and he can do so because He has the authority to do so! Jesus was not concerned with what anyone might think of Him or this woman – He received her and her love! 2. The enemy is always seeking to ensnare us when we give in to judging and criticizing. verses 36 & 39 The Pharisee believed it was his mission to test Jesus: evaluate and judge him. *When you focus on other’s failures you can't even see your own sins! (Luke 6:41-42) 3. Jesus clarifies the whole matter when He says ‘you’re faith has saved you, go in peace’: We are forgiven through faith in His Grace! I Peter 4:8 Love one another Deeply!

Scripture References: Luke 7:36-50, Luke 4:18-19, Luke 6:41-42, 1 Peter 4:8

From Series: "Luke"

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