Message: “God Works by His Spirit Part II” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - November 10, 2013

God Works by His Spirit Part II

God Works by His Spirit Ezekiel 36:22-27 Main Point: God will fill all His people with His Spirit, so that He can accomplish His work of making His Name known among the nations! Are you filled with His Spirit? 1. God’s Preparation (Genesis 1:1-2) God's Spirit ! 2. Moses’ plea (Numbers 11:29) That the Spirit would be upon all God’s people, 3. Ezekiel’s Prophecy - Ezekiel 36:22-27 He will cleanse our hard hearts from all our impurities and idols. He gives us a new heart of flesh (moldable) and new spirit, and removes our heart of stone. He will put His Spirit in us and move us to follow Him, that His Name will be known among the nations. ‘Move’ = to effect an action or change. 4. Joel’s Prophecy - Joel 2:28-29 The Spirit will be poured out upon all people. (quoted by Peter as being fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost - Acts 2:16) 5. Jesus’ Promise - John 14:15-20 ‘But you know Him, for He lives with you and will be in you.’ Jesus comes to live in us by the Spirit! 6. Pentecost’s Provision - Acts 1:7-8; 2:1-4; 2:37-39 7. Believer’s Privilege - Romans 8:1; II Peter 1:1-3

Scripture References: Ezekiel 36:22-27, Genesis 1:1-2, Numbers 11:29, Joel 2:28-29, Acts 2:16, John 14:15-20, Acts 1:7-8, Acts 2:1-4, Acts 2:37-39, Romans 8:1, 2 Peter 1:1-3

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