Message: “God Works for Good for Those He Called” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - March 15, 2015

God Works for Good for Those He Called

God Works for Good for Those He Called Romans 8:28-39 Main Point: Even in our sufferings God works for the good of those He’s called that we may be more like Jesus! ‘Works’ = to give power to assist, to labor together. ‘Called’ = invited (as to a banquet) and appointed John 6:44 Acts 2:39 1. Have you responded to the call of God?? (verse 28) Matthew 22:14 II Peter 1:10 2. God foreknew us that He has called and has predestined us to be conformed to the likeness of Jesus. (verses 29-30) ‘Foreknew’ = to know beforehand, to foresee & ordain ‘Predestined’ = foreordain, appoint beforehand 3. We are more than conquerors thru Jesus because nothing can separate us from His Love. (verses 31-39) ‘Conqueror’ = Vanquish beyond, surpassing victory (not just barely a victory) Revelation 21:3-4

Scripture References: Romans 8:28-39, John 6:44, Acts 2:39, Matthew 22:14, 2 Peter 1:10, Revelation 21:3-4

From Series: "Romans"

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