Message: “How God Prepared Us for His Son” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - October 19, 2014

How God Prepared Us for His Son

2014--10-19How God Prepared Us For His Son

How God Prepared Us for His Son Romans 3:1-20 Main Point: God gave His very Words to His people so that we will understand that we are not righteous and cry out to Him for mercy and grace! 1. God has shown us through His Word that all of us (Jews & Gentiles) have sinned and are unrighteous before Him. (verses 9-18) 2. The inability of us to fully obey the Law is not a license to sin. (verses 5-8) 3. The Law should cause us to cry out to God for mercy and Grace through the Gospel of His Son! (verses 19-20) Galatians 3:23-24

Scripture References: Romans 3:1-20, Romans 106:28-39, Galatians 3:23-24

From Series: "Romans"

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