Message: “Is Any One of You Sick?” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - July 21, 2013

Is Any One of You Sick?

Unrighteous Judging! Luke 6:37-38 Main Point: Messiah Jesus teaches us that we are not to make unrighteous judgments or to condemn but rather forgive and give grace. Judge (krino) = distinguish, decide, (by implication - condemn). * We are called to evaluate fruit! (verses 43-45) Matthew 7:1-2 Unrighteous Judgment is judging the value/worth of the person based on their actions/attitude. 1. We are not to make unrighteous judgments or condemn because only God is the One who can righteously judge. (verse 37) James 4:12 Romans 2:1-4 Since we are subject to sin, failures and mistakes, we have no right to judge another on the basis of theirs! 2. Rather, we are to ‘give’ to others forgiveness and grace as has been given to us. (verses 37-38) Matthew 5:7 Blessed are those who are merciful for they will be shown mercy.

Scripture References: James 5:37-15

From Series: "Luke"

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