Message: “Our Jealous God” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - May 31, 2009

Our Jealous God

Main Point: The Lord loves us and has given us His terms for us to follow to show that we love Him and to enjoy His blessings! 1. The second term of the covenant is "You shall not make for yourself an idol" = Don't idolize anything, but worship God only, for our God is a jealous God. Idolize = To value something more than God Watch out or idols will corrupt you. (Deut 4:15-20) A. Idols will disappoint me (Jeremiah 10:14) B. Idols will dominate me (I Corinthians 12:2) C. Idols will deform me (Psalm 115:2-8) 2. Worship God only - give Him our highest love and devotion for only He is worthy.

Scripture References: Deuteronomy 5:1-, Deuteronomy 4:15-, Jeremiah 10:14-, 1 Corinthians 12:2-, 1 Corinthians 115:2-

From Series: "Ten Commandments"

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