Message: “Our Mission ” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - April 23, 2017

Our Mission

Our Mission Main Point: The Risen Jesus’ last command is our commission: He calls us to BE and make disciples until the end of the age. ‘Make Disciples’ (mathetuo) = to make a disciple (a disciple was one who committed his life to a teacher to follow and learn). Are you a disciple? Are you being a disciple? Luke 9:23-26 We are to make disciples: 1. By ‘going and in our going .’ verse 19a Jesus modeled this – spent time with people… Mark 2:15-17 The Apostles modeled this… Acts 5:41-42 2. By ‘baptizing them’ (‘in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit’). verse 19b Acts 2:38-39 (we are having a public baptism in a few weeks!) 3. By ‘teaching them’ (to obey everything I have commanded You’). verse 20 We model it, then invest in others to learn, grow and obey! We’re not alone - He is with us always to the end of the age!

Scripture References: Matthew 28:16-20, Luke 9:23-26, Mark 2:15-17, Acts 5:41-42, Acts 2:38-39

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