Message: “Our Missionary God” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - January 27, 2013

Our Missionary God

Our Missionary God Luke 15:1-10 Missionary (apostolos) = one sent with mission. Main Point: A large part of Jesus’ mission was to pursue lost people because we are of great value to Him, and we are to pursue them in our lives. Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost. Jesus, the Holy One, hung out with sinners and they wanted to hear what He had to say. (verse 1) *Jesus is the Holy One - we are called first to bring glory to God by being like Him - Holy. Are you & I pursuing holiness? Parable #1 - One lost sheep out of a hundred. (verses 3-7) *As we hang out with sinners - there will always be critics. (verse 2) Since there is great rejoicing when even one person repents, our attitude should be one of loving pursuit, and sharing the truth of the Gospel. Parable #2 One lost coin out of ten. (verses 8-10) *Jesus pursued you and me - We have been found by Him! Who are you pursuing?

Scripture References: Luke 15:1-10, Luke 19:10, John 3:17

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