Message: “Send Us Lord!” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - October 9, 2016

Send Us Lord!

Send Us Lord! Romans 10:8-15 Main Point God calls some to go to so that they may hear and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ – let us send and support them! 1. There are many who have the Gospel, and therefore how can they believe in the One they have not yet heard of? verses 14-15 *The heart of the Gospel is stated in verses 9-10 John 3:16-17 2. Those sent to people that they may hear the Gospel of Christ have ‘ ’. verse 15 *Here in Romans 10 it is applied to those who bring good news of freedom from captivity to sin. *Verse 17 ‘Consequently, faith comes by hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of Christ.’

Scripture References: Romans 10:8-15, John 3:16-17

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