Message: “The Ancient Prophecy of Simeon” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - December 27, 2015

The Ancient Prophecy of Simeon

The Ancient Prophecy Luke 2:25-35 Main Point: The Ancient prophecy of the Lord’s __________ was fulfilled so that we can have, and be light for revelation for salvation. 1. Simeon saw the Messiah Child, and the prophecy was fulfilled to him personally. (verses 26 & 30) 2. The Lord’s prophecy was that the Messiah would bring the light for for salvation to all people! (verses 30-32) Isaiah 42:6-7; 49:6; 60:1-3 3. Simeon prophesies that this Messiah, Jesus, would cause the of many Israelites and be a sign spoken against – revealing the hearts of many. (verses 34-35) Luke 20:17-19 Are we of those who fall or rise on His account?!

Scripture References: Luke 2:25-35, Genesis 12:1-4, Isaiah 42:6-7, Isaiah 49:6, Isaiah 60:1-3, Luke 20:17-19

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