Message: “The Call to be Fruitful Part II” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - May 10, 2015

The Call to be Fruitful Part II

The Call to Be Fruitful John 15:1-17 Main Point: Jesus has called us to abide in Him the true vine, and bear lasting fruit which is a life of Love, obedience, and reaching out to other people. How do we bear lasting fruit? 1. Abide (remain) in Christ. (verses 5, 7, 9) To Abide means to stay connected to the source of our life, Christ - through His Word and His Love. 2. Keep His Word remaining in us. His Word remains in us as we meditate on it and hide it in our hearts. (Psalm 119:97, 11) Colossians 3:16 3. We remain by obeying His commands and bearing fruit. (verses 10-14) We know we are remaining in Him when we desire to, and actually do obey His commands! James 4:14-17

Scripture References: John 15:1-17, Colossians 3:16, James 4:14-17

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