Message: “To Live Is To Die” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - January 18, 2015

To Live Is To Die

To Live is to Die Romans 6:1-14 Main Point: We have been united with Messiah Jesus in His death - we have died to our old sinful life and have risen into new life in Him! 1. We died with Jesus in His death which is symbolized through baptism – therefore we died to the old self and the old sinful life. (verses 1-3) *The old self was crucified with Him so that the ‘body of sin’ might be ‘done away with’ or ‘rendered powerless.’ (verse 6) Katargeo = to inactivate, to render inoperative John 12:24-25 2. We have been raised with Christ into new life so that we too may live a new life serving God through the indwelling Spirit! (verses 4-6) Romans 8:9-10 3. We are to count ourselves dead to sin but alive to God through Christ, and not give ourselves as instruments of wickedness but rather instruments of righteousness!(verses 11-14) *We are to die to ourselves and sin daily, and commit ourselves to Christ through the empowering work of the Spirit Galatians 2:20

Scripture References: Romans 6:1-14, John 12:24-25, Romans 8:9-10, Galatians 2:20

From Series: "Romans"

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