Message: “Tools in the Hands of a Crafty God” from Christoph Koenig

Christoph Koenig - May 30, 2010

Tools in the Hands of a Crafty God

Tools in the Hands of a Crafty God The B.Bo Butter Bass When light first strikes, a photon interacts with a molecule called 11-cis-retinal, which rearranges within picoseconds to trans-retinal. (A picosecond is about the time it takes light to travel the width of a human hair, one trillionth of a second, or one thousandth of a nanosecond.) The change in shape of this molecule causes a change in the shape of the protein, rhodopsin. The protein’s metamorphosis alters its behavior. Now this protein is called metarhodopsin II, it then sticks to another protein called transducin. Before bumping into metarhodopsin II, transducin has tightly bound a small molecule called GDP. But when transducin interacts with metarhodopsin II, the GDP falls off, and a molecule called GTP binds transducin. GTP-transducin-metarhodopsin II now binds to a protein called phosphodiesterase, located in the inner membrane of the cell. When attached to metarhodopsin II and its entourage, the phosphodiesterase acquires the chemical ability to “cut” a molecule called cGMP. Initially there are a lot of cGMP molecules in the cell, but the phosphodiesterase lowers its concentration. Another membrane protein that binds cGMP is called an ion channel. It acts as a gateway that regulates the number of sodium ions in the cell. Normally the ion channel allows sodium ions to flow into the cell, while a separate protein actively pumps them out. The dual action of the ion channel and pump keeps the level of sodium ions in the cell in a narrow range. When the amount of cGMP is reduced because of the clinging phosphodiesterase, the ion channel closes, causing the cellular concentration of positively charged sodium ions to be reduced. This causes an imbalance of charge across the cell membrane that, finally, causes a current to be transmitted down the nerve to the brain. The result, when interpreted by the brain is… The Craftsmanship of God God is the Master Craftsman He creates timeless pieces to be used for an eternal purpose. The Fallacy of Coincidence In God's perfect wisdom, He has revealed the mystery of His will. The Responsibility of the Custodians Ephesians 4:10 Go with God! Jeremiah 1:4-9 Do not doubt what God can do through you. Romans 1:1 It is no surprise that you have been chosen to represent Christ to this world. Grow further from yourself and closer to God Grow further from your: Future and past Start and finish Doubts and fears Temptations and distractions Self and flesh Birth and death

Scripture References: Ephesians 1:3-10, Exodus 4:10, Jeremiah 1:4-9, Romans 1:1, Romans 139:1-24

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