Message: “We Belong to Jesus” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - November 22, 2009

We Belong to Jesus

We Belong to Jesus! John 15:18-25 Main Point: We must expect that the world hates us and will persecute us because Jesus has chosen us out of the world and we belong to Him. World = the sphere of people who are deceived and controlled by the evil one – Satan. John 12:31 1. We do not belong to the world but to Jesus. (verse 19) 2. The world hate & persecutes us because we belong to Jesus and because of His Name. (verses 18, 20-21) I John 2:15-17 3. Those in the world are without excuse for Jesus has revealed the Father to them yet they still hate Him. (verses 22-25) John 8:42-47

Scripture References: John 15:18-25, John 12:31, 1 John 2:15-17, John 8:42-47

From Series: "Gospel of John"

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