Message: “No Condemnation for Us” from Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard - February 15, 2015

No Condemnation for Us

No Condemnation for Us! Romans 8:1-11 Main Point: There is now no condemnation for you because God fulfilled the requirements of the Law through His Son Jesus, so that we can live by the indwelling Spirit to be His witnesses! Condemnation = a damning sentencing Matthew 5:17-18 > v.48 ‘be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.’ Acts 1:8 1. God fulfilled the requirements of the Law by His Son Jesus Christ being a sin offering. (verses 1-4) Leviticus chp 4,9 (started in the garden – animals were slain to provide a covering for their shame Gen 3:21) 2. We can now live in the control of the indwelling Spirit, rather than the ‘flesh’ and have life & peace. (verses 5-10) 3. The Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is living in us and gives life to us, even our mortal bodies! (verses 10-11) Live by the Spirit! Set your mind on what the Spirit desires! verse 5

Scripture References: Romans 8:1-11, Matthew 5:17-18, Matthew 5:48, Genesis 3:21

From Series: "Romans"

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